Thursday, April 26, 2012

This last week I have thought a great deal about Birthdays.  The yearly reminder that we are mortal and undeniably getting older.  In our youth it is a race and each one marks an accomplishment.  Early adulthood brings the dreaded twenty this and that; eventually leading to the thirties.  Once we enter into our thirties many of us seem to become complacent and routine driven.

This week specifically I watched many well wishers acknowledge my cousin James's 40th birthday!  Congrats James!  Many of us dread that birthday, why?

Last July I turned 30.  My friends and I celebrated with a very nice dinner and conversation afterwards.  I was about 8 months pregnant at the time so the evening was fairly uneventful.  Regardless though, 30 was nice.  I believe my outlook on birthdays has changed over the past 4 years.  Each year is becoming more of an accomplishment than the last.

At 31, I hope to say I have avoided cancer thus far in my life because of my decision to be pro-active.  My sister Katie was diagnosed before she turned 31.  On my 36th birthday I hope to say that I have avoided cancer again, my Mom was diagnosed at 35.  I will feel true accomplishment when I am 43.  We lost my Mom to cancer at 42.  I truly feel that each year is a gift that God is trusting me with.

We all have so much life to live, give and enjoy!  What can we accomplish this year, next year and all those after!!!

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