Friday, July 30, 2010

In need of team members! - Race for the Cure - Lubbock, TX

Hi Everyone,

It is getting closer to Race Day all the time, and my hopes are that many of you will join our team in support of a cure for Breast Cancer. The world revolving around Breast Cancer has changed so much in the last 11 years since Mom passed away, and even more so in the last 16 years since she was first diagnosed. In my mind it is truly amazing to think that many of these advancements have come to be because of the Komen Foundation and the funds it raises each year.

This year our family has been given several more reasons to be advocates of Breast Cancer Research and fundraising. During the month of August Katie will finish up her 6 months of chemotherapy to fight off her own breast cancer. She will continue hormone therapy for an additional 6 months, but even with the end in sight she will always be affected by breast cancer. Katie and I both tested positive this year for one of the many Breast Cancer Gene Mutations. Both of us have undergone surgery to reduce our risks for the future, but we must still be conscious of our gene mutations and what this new label holds for our futures.

I want to do everything in my power to assist in the advancement of Breast Cancer Research, not only for my self, but also for our future generations!

Please join our family in walking and raising funds for those amongst us who must fight and live with the fear of Breast Cancer! We look forward to walking with you on October 2nd in Lubbock!

Click on the title above to register as a team member, join an existing team - Double D's.

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