Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's sinking in...

Talk about a whirlwind, the last 18 months have been non-stop and fairly intense. Just when I was thinking that things were beginning to return to a quasi normal, "Hello Betsey, your pregnant!" I am still not sure what God's reasoning is behind this pregnancy, but I am sure that over time He will let me in on his thinking. This last weekend we were in Denver City, and a friend of mine reminded me that I had once said "I will never be pregnant again." Maybe this is God reminding me that I am not the one in control.

All in all though, it is starting to become more of a tangible reality that we are having another baby. It has also started to occur to me some of the differences due to my mastectomies. I do not have swollen, sore, and ever growing boobies. I am loving this, but with this little perk brings the understanding that there will be no nourishment from Mommy for my new little one. I am sure you can understand all of the thoughts flooding my mind with this to think about. From all of the health questions to the thoughts of bonding there are alot of things I feel this baby might miss out on. Here is the deal though... God has made this pregnancy happen so I don't need to focus on all of the possible negatives. He decided that I was going to have another baby after all of my preventative surgeries from last year. Betsey does not need to worry about all of the things that might or might not happen, God will take care of each and every one of them for me.

So here's to Praying for a healthy baby!!

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