Friday, May 6, 2011

What's in a name?

It's nearly that time around the Timmons house. I am currently 18 weeks along and this pregnancy seems to be flying by now. Next Tuesday on JB's 5th birthday I will be going in for my monthly appointment. At that time we will be scheduling my next ultrasound for the following weeks. I am very excited about finding out what we are having, but at the same time we will be doing away with a set of names.

Cody and I easily agreed upon names for both a boy and a girl very early on this time. Boys names have always been pretty easy for us. JB was inspired from a college friend of Cody's. All we had to do was fill in the blanks. Joshua came from the Bible, when all else fails look to the book!! Brent is Cody's middle name. This one was very easy. On the other hand though Taylor was a bit more of a challenge. Cody and I both like traditional names, and our girl names have always been a challenge. Taylor was also shy and we did not know she was a girl till around 28 weeks. When we finally found out I had to start over with my lists again. Why? Cody had vetoed everything on my list. I went through the baby name book countless times and started my list with about 30 names. I narrowed that down on my own first to 16. I took those 16 to Cody and he did not like any of them. I knew I wanted to use part of my Mother's name, but was not sure which part. So I had the additional challenge of finding a name that went with either Dana or Carol. Finally at 33 weeks I went back to Cody with 6 names with my mother's names as I would like to use them. Taylor had been on my first list, but I guess when I added the Carol is just seemed to work.

This time around Cody and I both agreed on both a boys and girls name within the first few weeks of finding out we were pregnant. They are once again traditional names and pulled from both of our families. I think this is what is making it so hard to have to say goodbye to one set of the names.

For a boy we will be having a:

Charlie Dale- Charlie is associated with both sides of the family. Charlie first comes from Cody's maternal great-grandfather, Charlie Brent. It also has ties in my family. My grandpa was Joe Charles Deaton, as well as, a cousin of mine. Dale is my dad's middle name.

For a girl we will be having:

Dana Christine- Dana was my mother's name. How lucky will I be to have two girls with both of my mother's names in theirs. Christine was Charlie Brent's wife. Making her Cody's maternal great-grandmother. I was lucky enough to know Granny Christine while she was alive, and this is truly a tribute to her!!

Now you know the story behind our names! Who are you voting for?

Dana Christine or Charlie Dale??

Here's to finding out soon!!

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